Wednesday, February 29, 2012

vintage & today brows

Love that Anastasia Beverly Hills came up with this! The Audrey/Rooney comparison is so unexpected but spot-on.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rosie stems

Today's list: BR tuxedo shirt, velvet blazer, and scarf; UO tights; hive & honey boots; thrifted skirt; FCUK sunglasses, Balenciaga sea foam first bag

Just go ahead, let your hair down

I don't know what was wrong with traffic this morning. I live in an area notorious for heavy traffic so generally I'm used to it. Today though, it was more like "OMG, the sun is shining lets all go 20 under the limit". I had to listen to Corinne Bailey Rae to keep my road rage to a minimum. You know when a song feels like it's speaking to you no matter what is going on in your life? This is one of those songs for me.

Today's (well yesterday's, technically) list : Rachel Pally maxi skirt, Marc Jacobs jacket, Toms shades, Nine West granny boots, Chloe bag

Thursday, February 9, 2012

blues and leopard

Yeah so, I guess my favorite way to express myself in the past year has been with my hair. Red, brown, blonde, pink, purple, and now blue. I think I like to because it's not permanent like more tattoos, it's not fleeting like a single outfit, but somewhere in the middle. I get to wear it everyday for while, say something about myself, and eventually change it again to say something new. I know that sounds silly when you think of rebellious teenagers changing their hair color to stand out or piss off their parents. At my age, it's something wholly different and harder to explain.

That ended up sounding way deeper than I intended...

Today's list: Lotus Grace leopard print shift dress, Corso Como shoes, Chloe paraty bag, Toms sunglasses, BR coat

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sh*t fashion girls say

Ok, by now you've seen a million "Sh*t __fill in the blanks__ say" videos but this one is by far the funniest :)


It's ridiculously nice outside today, like April-nice not February. I mean, open-toed shoes and thin silky harem-ish pants? If this is global warming, pollute away! (sarcasm, by the way, please don't destroy the planet). Also this shirt which you can't see in the photos is the most delicious dark blueish green with gathered mesh and lace sleeves. I might need one in every color.

Today's list: BCBG silk pants, gap wedge shoes, top from Anthropologie, Aridza Bross bag, French Connection shades