Friday, December 23, 2011

contest and fab kit

Coming soon... love Anastasia products so I'm stoked for this Sephora kit to come out!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

winter, officially

Last night was the winter solstice, and now the days will start getting longer again. Thank Gaia, because I wake up in the dark and I get home in the dark and it's starting to get depressing. This is, conveniently, my excuse for being pale as hell. Read more on the winter solstice from natgeo, it's actually really interesting.

Today's list:
vintage loose cropped leopard sweater, bb dakota orange skirt, thrifted short brown boots, balenciaga bag, toms shades

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For the love of belts!

Yeah, so, I tried on both belts this morning and neither made me happy, so I wore both. Problem solved. One is thrifted and made of the oldest, sturdiest leather ever. The other is from an estate sale with a rustic-looking buckle. The frizzy hair is courtesy the drizzling rain today.

Today's list: Casual Couture cowl-neck maxi dress, thrifted BR woven cardigan, 2 random belts, Fiorentini + Baker boots, 02 caramel flat brass first Balenciaga bag

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

merry and bright

Ok I may not be so merry, but damned if I ain't bright.

Today's list: loft corduroy pants, modcloth cardigan, vintage faux fur coat, balenciaga bag and shades, hive & honey boots

Friday, December 16, 2011

Let the Jameson sink in

"It's Friday" is all the excuse I needed to rock my high-waisted, super flared corduroys. What can I say, they make my inner hippie happy. Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Today's list: Anthropologie corduroy flares, DVF key print top, 07 tomato chevre balenciaga day bag

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ride or die

I was in the mood for something comfy today, which to me means: flat riding boots, stretchy riding pants, and a big ol' sweater. This sweater is vintage Christian Dior and cost me $1 at an estate sale. It smelled like moth balls and attics and took a month to air out...but totes worth it!

Today's list: Christian Dior sweater, Ann Taylor pants, Steve Madden boots, YSL oversized ivory muse bag, Chloe shades

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I don't know how it can possibly be the middle of December already. The past few months have been so busy they flew by. I was hoping to catch some holiday spirit in NYC on Saturday. The store windows were pretty enough, it was SantaCon so the streets were filled with thousands of drunk santas, and I saw the tree in Rock. Plaza but I have to admit, it still doesn't really feel like Christmas. One of the highlights was that I did see Christian Siriano on the street with presumably two assistants and lots of shopping bags...fierce.

Today's list: vintage gold/black 80s blazer, BR scarf, loft trousers, vintage gold boots, balenciaga bag, prada shades

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this blouse

I don't really know why I love it. I like the retro color, the teeny print, the shoulder pleats, the fact that the shoulder pads were so big that even I could not leave them in, the fact that it's vintage Pierre Cardin and it only cost me $3. But really, this is an ugly blouse.

Today's list: vintage Pierre Cardin blouse, BR skirt, Corso Como heels, and Prada bag

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

boogie man

This is my favorite hat and I have a few... a cloche, a few fedoras, a pageboy, a bunch of scrunchy crochet ones but this one gets all the comments. Usually of middle-aged or older generations, both men and women will comment on it. They don't see fedoras as a Justin Timberlake-esque fashion statement as a lot of our generation does. I think they appreciate it as a functional classic piece. Also it totally makes my day when I get complimented by a 70-something on my taste :)

Today's list: thrifted pleated polka-dot pants, Gap shoes and knit blazer, BR b&w tweed fedora, and Balenciaga bag

On an unrelated note but sort of fitting for such a dreary day... my current fav song Boogie Man by Grieves

Monday, October 10, 2011

The belt post

This post is purely about the belt. I got it at an estate sale with a bunch of other old 70's things. The center is all feathers and looks like an eye. I could not be more in love with a random accessory. By the way, it was $1!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Anastasia brows!!!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was lucky enough to try and review Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes. It's a fabulous palette esp for us blondies with pale, hard to see brows. It comes with stencils to fill in, wax to set, perfect shades of brow powder and a shadow and highlighter for a finished natural look. Above you can see the before and after. It's easy to use and will replace my Urban Decay brow box. I found that the wax was smoother and less sticky than UD (which I prefer) and although it doesn't have tweezers like the UD it makes up for that with a larger brush and highlighter. If you have any hesitation in shaping your brows, these stencils will be a godsend. It comes with 5 different shapes and sizes so you can pick the most natural shape for you. It lasts all day and is a great value for all you get. Pick one up at Sephora!

fall's here

I am so bummed summer is over here in DC. Leaves are falling. The air is crisp. It makes me nostalgic for college and I start to miss walking home from class with my best friend, coffee in one hand and a portfolio in the other. Then I remember the brutal critiques and accidentally cutting myself with x-acto blades and the feeling passes :)

Today's list: BR dress and draped cardigan, esprit white woven belt, gap shoes and headband, memoi lace footless tights, ysl patent easy bag, toms sunglasses

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

white picket fences

I was too lazy to scope out some of our better photo spots, so this made for a pretty-enough backdrop. The idea of the perfect American home with the white picket fence doesn't resonate with me at all. I think I would rather have an old row home with a wrought iron gate and winding ivy. Maybe a condo with a glass balcony and a view. I suppose I have plenty of time to decide.

Today's list: thrifted skirt, bb dakota short-sleeve hooded trench-thing, loft headband, BR shoes

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Madmen on acid

I am completely obsessed with Madmen and especially the costume and set design. What I wouldn't give to look like Joan or Betty... Here is my updated version: vintage shaped dress with collar and big fat belt to pull it in, classic cardigan and wedge heels, and big round shades... all with a high dose of neon.

Today's list: thrifted dress that still had the tags on (I saved like $250), gap shoes and cardi, prada sunnies, and vintage belt (my mom's from the 70's)

Friday, August 12, 2011


Last post I wrote about being blond again. Figured I better show ya. First one, modeling for my friends photography homework (isn's she talented!) second one, me "presenting" my return to blondeness, third one, trying to look casual in a random alley.

Today's list: Angie top (purchased in a head shop in Richmond where I got the most fantastic hookah), banana republic wide legged pants, gap wedges, and my little seafoam balenciaga pewter hw first bag

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


B2B- Back to Blond. Yes I did it, I had changed my hair color so much the past year (as you all have seen) from red, to strawberry, to deep chestnut, I had kinda forgotten what my real hair looked like. So back to blond I went. I had fun changing it but now I feel like I look like myself again. One problem with being blond-my eyebrows are pretty much invisible. I had them dyed when my hair was dark but now that's not necessary, just need something to fill them in. Here comes the serendipity: I got an offer to try out and review Anastasia of Beverly Hills Beauty Express brow kit. It looks so fool proof, I can't wait to show you. Did I mention Anastasia is the chick who does Oprah's brows!

"Beauty Express" brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Whino's Marcatus

Art Whino, an awesome gallery in National Harbor has sponsored a creative arts market called Marcatus. I will be there with my paintings and hand-made jewelry all summer. Here's some photos by Photoleer of me at the last event.

Monday, March 7, 2011

craft time!


Here's some not great photos of the stuff I've been making :) More soon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a rose by any other name

If you have been reading my last couple posts I have been crocheting a lot lately and mentioned that besides making the usual hats and scarves I am also making jewelry. Now you can see a sample! I am crocheting bib necklaces and headbands and doily type things and using polymer clay to make roses as accents. Next goal: create enough to start my own etsy store. Next problem: what the hell do I name it?

Today's list: mink pink skirt, gypsy 05 leggings (yes I wear these a lot but I have two identical pairs since I love them so much), lna heathered pink top, gap knit blazer, steve madden boots, french connection aviator glasses, necklace by me!, and rookie rags bag