Saturday, March 20, 2010


Omg it's officially spring! I can't believe that it's now so wonderful outside. The snow is finally melted and it's 70 plus degrees out. We spent the day getting lunch at NM cafe and picking up organic family owned farmed foods from my bf's mom's farm.

Todays list: maharishi pants, loeffler randall shoes, balenciaga bag, chloe shades, br tank, jack bb dakota mini trench

Sunday, March 14, 2010

my own sunshine

It was rainy and gross out which made my mood pretty awful too. I wore the brightest happiest thing I could find.

Today's list: ella moss dress, banana republic sweater, mbmj leggings, steve madden boots, prada bag, and scarf from a neighbor

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello, spring? are you there?

It is surprisingly nice outside this week. It actually feels like spring might be coming after the most snow we've seen here in years. Apparently the Canada geese agree, I've been seeing and hearing them fly over already. Hopefully nature knows something we don't and spring is coming! The nice weather is the perfect excuse to put away some of my boots and bring out the peep toes. This utterly retro lace top is another hand-me-down. Not a flattering shape, but the lace and high collar so so fun! Also, Neiman Marcus has declared relaxed pants a spring trend. I have to agree with them because at the moment my favs are my harem pants, some loose draw string pants from last post, and some wide casual cargo-ish pants. They are so comfy and soft, it's the perfect transition for me, since I've been so stuck on super soft leggings all winter, I'd hate to be wearing stiff trousers or rigid jeans now.

Today's list: vintage lace blouse, theory harem pants, gap wedge peep toe shoes, aridza bross bag, balenciaga sunglasses, and banana republic gray cardi

Monday, March 8, 2010

kitty kat

This thoroughly retro cheetah print top is another hand-me-down. I love the super pointy lapels and zip up collar :)

Today's list: bcbcg pants, vintage top, thrifted blazer, balenciaga bag and shades, steve madden booties

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I LOVE THIS BLAZER! This giant plaid blazer has the best giant shoulder pads. Man, vintage stuff is fun to wear. It was given to me, as was the lace top under my sweater. I have taken on the reputation of wearing old weird vintage items. It's true, I love out-dated 80s stuff to mix into my wardrobe and I would much rather wear clothes from my friends (or their moms) than from a stranger at a thrift store :)

Today's list: old navy sweater dress, vs leggings, frye boots, vintage blazer, prada sunglasses, random lace top, balenciaga flat brass first bag