Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Mixing mint with intentionally clashing colors again..

Today's list: C&C california mint leopard print tank top, BB Dakota orange ruched wrap skirt, Nine West sandals, JadeTribe bag, and BR cardigan, Toms sunglasses

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

shades of white

I am so paranoid of wearing white-white clothes for fear of getting stains. I am also afraid of adding bleach to my washing machine since my old one somehow made lighter spots with regular detergent on its own. My new one is all fancy and combined washer/dryer from LG that makes music when it's done so I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue anymore. It's awesome and anyone with a small living space should get one. ANYWAYS, this is the outfit I bought these shoes for: my white linen dress with eyelet bib detail and my white woven Chanel I never use (because stains are EVEN scarier on a bag this expensive). I invested in one black and one white Chanel long ago thinking these classics would last me the rest of my life so they damn well better. These soft smoking slipper/loafer-y things are pretty comfy, breathable for the summer, and studded which makes them perfect for me.

Today's list: BR white linen dress, Chanel white woven quilted bag, Nine West flats, and French Connection sunglasses

Friday, July 19, 2013

cherry mint

I have been coming up with every mint + color combo in my mind since it has become to very very trendy. Also I am a graphic designer and this is what I think about for fun--color combos lol. Mint is a great quirky contrast to a bright cherry red, especially when you have a plaid crop button down like this one to tie the colors together. I've also found it goes great with white, black, gold, orange sherbert, and bright pink insanely well. It's so strangely versatile. I was buying these sandals in nude and black when the sales associate said mint was a neutral too. I disagree, but I have managed to wear these mint sandals with tons of outfits so far, so maybe she was sort of right. I probably should have gotten them in red too while I was at it.

I have been trying to start featuring new products and products I absolutely love on my blog as well as outfits. Since I've tried a million products, my friends might as well benefit. For instance, here's my Sephora review link . One of my take everywhere products is YSL's touche éclat. It is a highlighter/corrector/concealer pen with very very subtle iridescence. It's a cult favorite of makeup junkies everywhere for good reason. It can fix just about anything and is clean and easy to use and travel with. It works especially awesome in the afternoon at work when the dark circles are starting show under my eyes again to make it look like I am rested and awake!

Today's list: UO mint crochet top, Free People cropped plaid shirt, Gap red jeans, Nine West mint studded sandals, Balenciaga Tomato Day bag, French Connection sunnies

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 things I wish I could tell my 18 yr old self

I have been recently thinking about a lot of things especially involving fashion and beauty I wish I had known when I was younger. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess. Here's 10 completely honest things I really wish I had known 10 years ago...

1. Show it off. An 18 year old body and skin does not last forever. Enjoy it. All those things you think you should be self-conscious about will be nothing in 10 years. (This is the same thing I tell myself now so I don't look back when I'm middle aged and think "what was that under 30 year old so fucking worried about?").

2. Don't allow huge weight fluctuations. No one is saying be super thin, but going up and down on the scale so often will leave you with stretch marks that cannot be repaired. Also (Duh) it's just not healthy. Keeping a steady, healthy weight is super hard but you need to at least try.

3. Stop sunbathing. That tan looks awesome now but you will have sun damage like whoa. Skin looks older than it should, wrinkles will start younger, and sun spots will be hard to get rid of without lasers. Trust me, I went to the dermo yesterday. Insurance does not cover your sun spots.

4. Spider veins will happen (it's in your genes) so don't cross your legs. Keep legs elevated when relaxing, and hope for the best. Anything that helps good circulation is a good thing.

5. Go big or go home. Tattoos are nothing to regret, they are a time in your life that you are commemorating, a moment you won't get back, even if it's a silly one. You do however want to listen to your tattoo artist's advice and go bigger. It will age better. You will wish you had started bigger and want to add and add and add. Oh and guess what, tattoos will be super mainstream soon so don't be so afraid of having them show.

6. Thrift stores are going to be cool one day. All that vintage stuff from your parents: keep it. Stop cutting it up and trying to make it modern. You will wish you had kept them in tact soon enough.

7. If something looks bad on a model, don't by it. 99% of the time it will look just as bad, probably worse on you. It's a good idea to try stuff on even though you hate going in fitting rooms or even real stores. If this isn't possible, it's good to make sure clothes aren't final sale. You will end up with some great designer stuff you will never wear cluttering up your closet because it is final sale and was just too irresistible to pass up online.

8. Don't "save" your good, expensive, or favorite clothes. Wear them! One day they probably won't be cool anyways, so wear them, love them, now. Also, what is the point of having gorgeous things if they stay hidden in your closet. Same goes with expensive makeup. Use it, it will eventually go bad anyways.

9. Save money for laser hair removal. Soon enough those lasers will be advanced enough to work on lighter hair, darker skin, just about everyone. Shaving is a pain in the ass. Do it young before you have a mortgage and before something cosmetic like not having to shave your armpits will seem like a luxury you can't afford.

10. Don't worry so much, your almost 30 year old self turns out fine. Be weird if you want to. When you get older fitting in will seem boring. Enjoy the present, you only get to be young once.