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Friday, April 15, 2016

Birchbox Limited Edition: New Naturals Box Review

So my box arrived last night, and I tried everything except the mascara (I have 4 open mascaras that I need to use up before I crack open another).The value is obviously amazing. Most items I would actually buy full-price after trying:

The Exo nail polish remover is like nothing I've used before. It absolutely works but takes a little longer rubbing in circles to get polish off, but that's ok by me because it's like you are simultaneously conditioning your cuticles. Only thing is since it is oily, you need wait a while or use toner or something to get most of the oil off the nail before using new polish or it will chip.

The One Love body serum is lovely. I use body oil after showering and this will replace my regular oil. It moisturized, left a nice sheen on my skin, was super easy to use and comes in a dark bottle so I know the antioxidants aren't compromised. Also the scent is nice but fades quickly, which is a good thing since it would clash with my Pinrose perfume.

The Juice mist is the only item I probably wouldn't recommend, at least not for face. It's a nice refresher for neck and chest though. The problem is the scented oils in it are things I avoid on my face to keep my sensitive skin from reacting.

RMS lip shine is a pretty neutral color, pretty moisturizing, and leaves a nice shine. I hate putting my fingers in pots like this, and would have preferred a tube but that's nitpicking.

The Au Naturale highlighter stick was half empty. I'm not sure if it meant to be that way or not. The color is very coppery in my light skin. I was going to buy the Nars Multiple stick in South Beach and now I don't have to! This is a perfect pale skin bronzer/blush. I used a champagne highlight on the top of my cheekbones and this on the bottom half and it added a lot of dimension. For darker skintones I'm sure this would be a really beautiful highlighter. The formula is easily blendable too.

The Tata Harper mask has rave reviews so I was expecting a lot but all it did for me was exacerbate dry spots around my mouth. Will give it another try over the weekend, maybe putting a thicker application will help?

The Ilia lip gloss is a beautiful sheer nude color. The oils in it absorbed very quickly leaving the look of a balm more than a gloss.

I have a bazillion makeup bags but this Dogeared one was larger than most of mine so I'm sure I will use it for travel.

Overall very happy with this set!!!!!

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