Tuesday, July 30, 2013

shades of white

I am so paranoid of wearing white-white clothes for fear of getting stains. I am also afraid of adding bleach to my washing machine since my old one somehow made lighter spots with regular detergent on its own. My new one is all fancy and combined washer/dryer from LG that makes music when it's done so I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue anymore. It's awesome and anyone with a small living space should get one. ANYWAYS, this is the outfit I bought these shoes for: my white linen dress with eyelet bib detail and my white woven Chanel I never use (because stains are EVEN scarier on a bag this expensive). I invested in one black and one white Chanel long ago thinking these classics would last me the rest of my life so they damn well better. These soft smoking slipper/loafer-y things are pretty comfy, breathable for the summer, and studded which makes them perfect for me.

Today's list: BR white linen dress, Chanel white woven quilted bag, Nine West flats, and French Connection sunglasses