Friday, July 19, 2013

cherry mint

I have been coming up with every mint + color combo in my mind since it has become to very very trendy. Also I am a graphic designer and this is what I think about for fun--color combos lol. Mint is a great quirky contrast to a bright cherry red, especially when you have a plaid crop button down like this one to tie the colors together. I've also found it goes great with white, black, gold, orange sherbert, and bright pink insanely well. It's so strangely versatile. I was buying these sandals in nude and black when the sales associate said mint was a neutral too. I disagree, but I have managed to wear these mint sandals with tons of outfits so far, so maybe she was sort of right. I probably should have gotten them in red too while I was at it.

I have been trying to start featuring new products and products I absolutely love on my blog as well as outfits. Since I've tried a million products, my friends might as well benefit. For instance, here's my Sephora review link . One of my take everywhere products is YSL's touche éclat. It is a highlighter/corrector/concealer pen with very very subtle iridescence. It's a cult favorite of makeup junkies everywhere for good reason. It can fix just about anything and is clean and easy to use and travel with. It works especially awesome in the afternoon at work when the dark circles are starting show under my eyes again to make it look like I am rested and awake!

Today's list: UO mint crochet top, Free People cropped plaid shirt, Gap red jeans, Nine West mint studded sandals, Balenciaga Tomato Day bag, French Connection sunnies