Friday, January 29, 2010


I wasn't sure when I started this blog whether I had the dedication or time to keep it up and now I'm up to my 100th post! Crazy! It was beyond bitterly cold today and I wish I had layered more. My giant batwing sweater is warm but way too open. Next time I'll put a lace top underneath or something warmer. All I had was a tank top and that was a huge mistake lol. This cold weather is bringing us snow tomorrow which is fine by me-if it must be below freezing it might as well be pretty and white outside too. Hope wherever you are, you are staying warm and cozy!

Today's list: peoples market sweater, banana republic blue and black leather gloves, aridza bross fringe bag, lei shiny textured pants (from high school!), steve madden boots, express tank, diesel leather jacket