Monday, April 26, 2010

5 little ducklings

Today some abandoned ducklings stopped traffic to get across a two lane road outside my office as I got back from my afternoon starbucks run. I would not have made it through the afternoon without my sumatra and soy refill. Once the ducklings got to my side of the street they wanted to continue on, obviously scared and confused they wanted to go towards a busy intersection further away from the river and where ever they came from. We kept them still and put them in a box while a passerby checked for a nest or a mother duck and called animal control. In the end we took them to the shelter where a wildlife rescue group could take care of them. It broke my heart that they were all alone and we couldn't find their mom, but we definitely didn't want to risk them crossing such a dangerous road! On the way to the shelter, there was clearly a little ringleader in the group, making the most noise and trying to "fly" out of the box. I have no doubt this one was the little genius that led his brothers and sisters away from home. They were the cutest little things!