Tuesday, September 25, 2012

must have!

I grew up in the states so I am not really as in touch with my British roots as I'd like. I had heard of Barbour in terms of a luxury company but had no clue what they made or what a waxed coat was til my fellow UK-er friend, Mary, said she wished she had kept hers from her school days in Scotland. Apparently I have needed one of these all along! They are waterproof, windproof, and way more chic than the puffer coats most Americans wear when it gets freezing here. She showed me an adorable one J.Crew is selling this winter with a dainty Liberty print lining... so super cute.

I found these two to be even more my taste... a little bit more rock/biker, and glam at the same time. Top is Barbour Womens International Union Jack Lining Waxed Jacket (could this be any more awesomely British?!!!!) and bottom is Barbour Womens National Trials Black Waxed Jacket. I love how functional they are. I mean, there are so many pockets on both of these you can practically leave the purse at home. Functional is rarely this haute, with gold zippers and snaps and fun linings. Luxury is in the details! Both can be found online at Van Mildert.


Now the question is which one to buy????