Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation Review

This stuff is magic!
I don't understand how this self-adjusting color foundation works. I have tried only a couple other color adjusting products and they turned too dark and orange for me. This actually matches my pale pink undertoned skin. It made my skin dewy and soft but not shiny which was kind of surprising to me since there is oil in this. Buy from Sephora here.

I bought the fair/light shade and it is not quite "instant" self-adjusting as it says on the packaging but it's pretty damn fast and surprisingly accurate. The fair/light shade is intended for for the fairest porcelain skin with pink undertones to light skin with pink undertones, which I view as accurate as long as you massage the product in. Swatches show the product and process of matching below.

 This is directly from the bottle, it comes out white with tiny speckles of color.

 After gently smearing over my hand (after about 3 seconds) it starts to change color.

 After rubbing the foundation into my skin, it seems to actually over adjust and get too orange (after 5 seconds).
And finally after massaging all the product into my skin, it matches very closely to my real skin tone but covers the blotchiness without being full coverage (after about 15 seconds).

Overall I think although Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation might be a little pricey, but a little product goes a long way. The amount on my hand easily covers my face. I also really like that this brand is as they put it, "Luxury with a Conscience" so I don't mind paying slightly more than I would for say, a Clinique foundation. Sephora has a fantastic return policy so I would recommend trying even if you are afraid the color won't work for you. Try it, make sure it is really rubbed into your skin, and evaluate in natural light, you might be surprised!