Tuesday, December 1, 2009

yes madam

Hope you had a wonderful, safe thanksgiving! This year was the first year I hosted thanksgiving for my family, and even though I am not a cook by any means, everything turned out great. The hardest part was trying to get everything to be warm at the same time. I was afraid to leave stuff in the oven and over cook it, and when most things were ready I had to pop others in the microwave, then first things got cold! Any hints for next time other than getting a double oven or a caterer would be appreciated :)

Today's list: random leopard coat, old navy beige sweater dress (purchased in an XL for maximum slouch!), random lace side leggings, steve madden booties, balenciaga shades, aridza bross bag, pashmina scarf brought back by my best friend from france

also, if you have yet to see this video, you are missing out. it's the cutest kitten ever!