Thursday, October 25, 2012

The case for leggings

The case for leggings: 20 reasons leggings are amazing
1. don't drag and get wet in the rain
2. feel like a bum without looking like one, much more chic than sweats
3. softer and stretchier than jeans
4. can be worn straight to yoga or work out
5. come in s, m, l sizes no trying to guess whether you're still a 27 or have gone up to 28
6. hide unshaven legs!
7. warmer than tights
8. show off sexy legs shape
9. wear them with flats or heels, no need to tailor these babies
10. make great pjs
11. anything 80s is awesome again
12. no one can tell whether you're wearing $10 leggings from target or $200 leggings from NM
13. can be worn all seasons
14. never too bulky to fit in your favorite boots
15. no need for a belt
16. come in every color/print you can think of
17. styles for all ages
18. help suck in and flatten bellies or butts
19. for travel they are easy to roll up and throw in a suitcase
20. the nostalgia of rocking hot pink leggings and giant t-shirts and scrunchies in elementary school

some favs:
These grunge print leggings from One 2 Wear  have an awesome print

Spanx Look at Me High Waisted Leggings

Look at Me High Waisted Leggings at
(I have these for under slim dresses, they keep everything looking super smooth)

Blank Denim Vegan Faux Leather Leggings
Vegan Faux Leather Leggings via
(Faux leather leggings are definitely on my wishlist and these are the most affordable ones I've found)
Out From Under Velvet Legging 

BDG Photo-Floral High-Rise Legging 
I super heart this print!