Thursday, March 15, 2012

right up my alley

This is exciting people! My alma mater (VCU) is back in the NCAA championship. Going to school there as an art student means I was generally too busy painting or matting projects to care about our sports teams...even though I lived beside the Siegel Center... Unfortunately, I don't think I developed any real pride for the school or the city until I left. I wish I had appreciated it more while I was there. The art scene is finally making a name for itself outside of the school. Even the G40 art summit is there this year with graffiti artists like Gaia already painting murals. It's led by RVA mag and Art Whino gallery (who created the summer art fair, Marcatus, I participate in). Low brow art, graffiti/street art, and tons of vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Richmond is just begging me to come back...

Today's list: Ben sherman shirt dress, BR cardigan and shoes, Chloe shades, vintage belt from estate sale, and yes!!!!!!! my Prada fairy bag illustrated by James Jean!