Tuesday, October 8, 2013

back to life, back to reality

Now that I'm back at work again (and hitting snooze too many times) I barely got out the door in time. For me no time= black and gray outfit thrown on as fast as possible. Having so much time off allowed me to get on my own natural sleep schedule and wake when it was light out as nature intended. Back to reality, I have to wake up in the pitch black and I'm not adjusting well, blah.

On a less complainy note, I wanted to share one of my all time fav nail polishes. This is Butter London's Bumster. Now that polishes to match your skin tone are in, I like this one as a quirky alternative. It's actually the exact shade of peanut butter not my skin so it doesn't completely blend away the shape of my nails.

Today's list: Gap cowl sweater, Free People skinny moto pants, Coconuts wedge booties, Deena and Ozzy neon skull bag, Glassing white angular aviators, Member's Only leopard jacket