Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 2013 birchbox recap review

Folle de joie perfume- pretty average floral with a more prominent sandalwood base, pretty universal though so it would probably make a good gift
Liz earle cleanser and muslin cloths-  the cleanser has essential oils and when you clean it off with the warm muslin, it felt like a spa treatment. Problem is I would not use this frequently because multiple oils will make me breakout and the muslin exfoliates well but I would prefer to use a disposable facial cloth to keep bacteria off my skin.
Miss Jessie's creme de la creme conditioner- very softening, but has a very soapy smell I didn't like.
Pop aquatic lacquer lip gloss- I got the one in floating rose, it is a great magenta color that applies very sheer blush shade. I hate the packaging though it has one of those spatula applicators instead of a brush or sponge tip.
New vanilla creme hydration lock chapstick- the cheapest but probably the best thing in here this month. I would highly recommend, very hydrating and less waxy than any other chapstick product. It has only a very very subtle vanilla scent which I actually wish they would play up, I am a vanilla fiend.