Monday, October 14, 2013





I can't pretend it's still summer anymore. Boots came out and sandals were put away over the weekend. It's starting to get awfully festive everywhere and definitely here in Old Town. I love PSL's but I've already had my fill for the season, I think. I could use a few more pumpkin beers though. I wish I weren't allergic to all the moldy leaves so I could -maybe- appreciate all the fall foliage. Can you tell I'm not really a fan of the season? It just means winter is coming, and I HATE that. Halloween is ok because it is socially acceptable and not creepy to have tons of skulls and black cats everywhere. Taking these pictures today was fun though, a good majority were of me making faces while all-out laughing. Not flattering trust me. The first two taken by Krysia Gabenski, the rest Patrick McBride.

Today's list: BR military jacket, DVF key blouse, Matt and Nat velvet taupe vegan bag (figured I'd bring it out since everyone is talking about furry/fluffy bags atm, AG knit brown pants, Wanted booties, Prada sunnies, and Bite Pomegranate high pigment lip pencil