Saturday, May 3, 2014

Radiant orchid and the waterfront

Gorgeous day in Old Town, my friend and I walked all the way down to the waterfront. The sandbags are still sitting outside some shops at the bottom of King St. from the recent flooding, but things look pretty dry. The water is still really high as you can see in the first pic. Allergies suck but the walk was good, I might actually meet my Fitbit goal today lol.

Today's list: Calvin Klein maxi dress in the perfect radiant orchid color which Pantone named color of the year (I am in love with it, especially for my hair), Tarte long high-low cardigan, Kelsi Dagger faux snake wedges because it's finally warm enough!!!!!, and Arizda Bross fringe bag, and those yellow Ciate nails from the Glossybox post from yesterday :)