Friday, October 16, 2009

crazy fabulous

While I think these times call for more understated measures, if I were to purchase a designer item it would have to be a neutral classic I would enjoy for the rest of my life. That being said, I think there is room for play and experimentation within your own closet. Grab stuff from middle school or your younger brother and mix it with something chic. For inspiration, I pulled these photos. This crazy fabulousness is from the inner-workings of John Galliano's brain. Can I just say, I would have died to be at such an over the top show? Not for the fashion, but the performance. Not at all practical or timeless (like Chloe) and not forward-thinking and avant-garde (Alexander McQueen) but young, eclectic and of the moment. These looks aren't from a fantasy world that doesn't exist they are from a more fun version of our own. Since I won't (can't) own any of these items, I'll share my take-aways from the 2010 RTW show that are great for those of us on a budget. 1. Mix prints, colors, textures, opacities, fabrics, etc with wild abandon and show your creativity. what's the worst that could happen? 2. Make-up is back people! 3. hats, headpieces, feathers or flowers in the hair are an awesome accessory to liven up any outfit. 4. gloves and socks aren't just functional but should be visible and serve as accessories in their own right. 5. fashion is fun, let's not always take it too seriously and enjoy silly, experimental outfits as much as the chic-as-hell ones.