Thursday, October 22, 2009

ketchup, mustard, and relish

It was actually nice outside today! Which was a really good thing since someone burnt popcorn in my office and set off the fire alarm, so we were all stuck outside till all was clear. This Da-nang dress is the most comfy summer dress ever, it has subtle embroidered flowers with clear beading and a button up back. These shoes were a completely random purchase, I went to Blockbuster and it was closed so I went to Payless shoes next door for the first time since college. I found these awesome environmentally friendly short lace-up sneakery things and had to have them. I might have to go in there more often!

Today's list:
Da-nang black beaded and embroidered flower dress, Banana Republic green zebra cardigan, 07 tomato chevre Balenciaga day bag, Urban Outfitters yellow tights, zoe&zac (payless green line) shoes, Chloe sunglasses