Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fairy dust

I've been feeling a little under the weather, and it's gotten too cold for my liking so to boost my spirits I brought out my favorite bag of all time. Do you ever do that? wear your favorite color or favorite shoes to brighten up the day when you're feeling down? This favorite bag is my cipria fairy Prada bag. The fairy bags feature the art of illustrator James Jean, you can see more of his work here . Being that I went to art school and majored in design and illustration I have so much respect for Prada realizing the mass appeal of truly beautiful wearable art. Fairy bags are one of the most sought after Prada lines since they sold out years ago. Hopefully one day they try this again, maybe with a street artist like Banksy... Enough about the bag, I'm also wearing banana republic sweater, crocheted bib shirt, skirt, and tights; LaRok vest; Chloe sunglasses; and vintage purple cowboy boots from ebay. Oh and please check out Banksy's stencil street art and fine art genius here.