Monday, October 12, 2009

why is it so cold already?!

I'm so freezing in the office today, I had to wrap myself up in a blanket. The weekend was entirely deceiving with decent weather for october. humph. well today i'm wearing my shiny space girls pants from high school that i almost got rid of, who knew shiny fake leather looking pants would come back? I guess that's fashion for ya. The shirt is a men's thrifted shirt my boyfriend picked out. We now share entirely too much clothing; but this shirt is way too awesome not to borrow (its teal with black and magenta plaid-hello 80's!). The scarf my best friend brought me back from france when pashmina's first became "the bomb" and when that phrase was actually cool. My hat is again stolen from my boyfriend-it's from h&m, shades are proenza schouler, shoes are nine west, bag is my galet balenciaga twiggy, and cuffs are random and vintage. The big spiky one was my British grandmother's. She must have been beyond cool my age...oh and the velvet blazer is topshop. I have one complaint about it. Although it's super comfy-the lapels are too soft, they need some heavier interfacing. They don't lay flat. it really annoys me.