Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's rainy, cold, and disgusting out today-so I slipped into a full-on turtle neck sweater dress. I can't believe I'm already wearing it in the middle of October-- I'm not ready!!!!!!! I guess I should start pulling out all my winter clothes :( Since this is the first time wearing it this season I was flabbergasted when I found *gasp* moth holes in it! Luckily they are still pretty inconspicuous but the question is do I mend them or let them unravel into giant holes and wear a contrasting tank underneath? There's plenty of deconstructed clothing on the runways but should I really be encouraging the dismemberment of a perfectly good sweater? On another note, my friend and co-worker was wearing the most fabulous black and white zebra print coat so I made her stand with me in the second shot. Isn't it perfect with the raspberry scarf?!!
Today's list: limited sweater dress, urban outfitters zip bottom gray leggings, random belt, thrifted jacket that was missing a ton of buttons but has the best giant pockets and epaulettes so I bought it, reaction by Kenneth Cole riding boots, and Aridza Bross fringe bag